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“Just a thought…” -e. : Manna for the Mind  will cause you to think – guaranteed! Ed writes about questions, situations, and issues that we encounter in contemporary culture in the United States and within in church.

The short chapters allow you to read the book in sips rather than gulps. Ed writes from a Christian perspective but don’t be too sure that he fits easily into whatever pigeonhole that word evokes for you. Be prepared to think, rethink, and perhaps even revise your thinking on matters that affect us all.

Prisoner of Hope: A Story of Recovery and Redemption recounts Ed’s fifteen-month journey from addiction to recovery and from atheism to faith. While this journey occurred in 1976-1977, understanding aspects of various element of the journey didn’t come often until years later through reflection on what occurred. Ed tells us not only what happened, but also shares the wisdom garnered from years of experience and reflection.

If you’ve ever struggled with addictions, faith, or relationships, this book’s for you. Oh wait a minute – that’s everyone, isn’t it?.line

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